Using ReNamer App To Solve “Failed To Import WorldServer Return Package” In SDL Trados

Failed to Import WorldServer Return Package to Trados?

As I mentioned in my previous post that a return package is basically a zip file, it means that a return package can be manually extracted using WinRar, Winzip, or similar apps to see the contents (which are xliff files). So, knowing that the return package contains xliff files, later, we can manually put them into SDL Trados’ project folder to update the project files.

After extracting the contents of the return package file, we will find that the file name contains language code. Example: sampletranslation.idmlid-ID.xliff, where the id-ID is the language code for Indonesian. Yours might be different, depends on the language pair you work on.

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Failed To Import “sdlrpx.wsxz” File Into SDL Trados


A few days ago, one of my colleagues asked for help from me. He got a revision job, but he couldn’t open an <sdlrpx.wsxz> file, a Worldserver return package he received from an agency he worked for. When he tried to import the file after opening the original package, he got a warning: “The translation package doesn’t contain necessary information. The package you are importing may be a return package.”

The PM had no idea how to open it. Later, he only sent the <.xliff> files so my colleague could check the translation by opening those files one by one without updating the main package.

My colleague asked me if there was any possible way to open the return package, so he could update the package and send back the file in return package format. He had tried to Googling the tricks but found no relevant information. Read More

How to Translate <.ini> Files in SDL Trados

Last September, I got a task to translate some UI files from one of my clients based in the USA. The client said that there would be so many repetitions across the files, so I thought that the process would be super fast. Unfortunately, the client asked me to use their own developed translation tool (not strictly required, but it would be good if I used it, the client said). Read More

Will Okapi Checkmate Able To Replace Xbench?

As a freelancer, reducing operational cost is very important, including costs to buy the license of CAT and QA tool, cost of certain premium service to support productivity, etc. And recently, I am interested to try Okapi Checkmate (or I will just call it “Checkmate”) as an alternative to Xbench. Checkmate is a free QA tool. It means that I will possibly able to save a 99 EUR per year by stop buying Xbench license. But, is it really possible to replace Xbench with Checkmate? Read More

How to Handle a Big Translation Project in a Team

What would we do if we get a big translation project, e.g. up to one million words with a short deadline, let’s say only 1 or 2 months?

Of course, the answer is building a solid team that consists of reliable and qualified translators. Once the team is built, then we need to prepare the “tools” that will help us to build effective communication, data traffic, etc. So, what tools are they? Read More

How to Handle EPS Files in CAT Tools

Last February, for almost 1 (one) month I took a part in a huge technical translation project that involving EPS files. EPS is one of the output files produced by Adobe Illustrator that cannot be directly processed in CAT tools such as SDL Trados. To process EPS files in SDL Trados, we will need a special plugin called “Sysfilter” that costs up to 400 USD!

Actually, I was positioned as an editor on that project. And the client’s main request to the translator team was to translate the EPS files directly in Adobe Illustrator. Unfortunately, none of the translators owned and were able to operate Adobe Illustrator. So, they would prefer to process the files in the CAT tool. Then, knowing that in the past I was learning graphic design and multimedia, the lead translator asked me to convert the EPS files into Trados-ready format.

So, what did I do so that Trados could recognize the EPS files without Sysfilter plugin? Read More

How To Enhance Your Marketing Experience In Social Media Using Hootsuite

Social media is a powerful marketing tool. The more we exist on social media, the bigger chance for us to sell something. Imagine that we could involve in a lot of social media, and then it will be easier for people to find us and get familiar with us and our products or services. But, how could we exist on a lot of social media while we should struggle to defeat daily deadline and do effective marketing at once? Read More

How To Publish Blog Content Into 30 Channels Of Social Media At Once!

Do you have a lot of blog posts that need to be shared with your audiences in your social media accounts? If so, how do you usually share your blog posts? Copying and pasting your link on each social media? What a time-consuming! Why don’t you use simpler way: share your blog post at the same time you hit the “Publish” button? Is it possible? Read More

Across: The Specified Password for the SQL Server ‘sa’ User is Incorrect

(Almost) every Across users’ problem

Across problem

Across keep asking for SQL Server password

Have you ever experienced of being “rejected” to log on into your Across Personal Edition account? Did Across keep saying “The specified password for the SQL Server ‘sa’ user is incorrect” all the time after entering sa!123456 or sa123456 standard password? Many people surely have experienced this frustrating and annoying problem. Read More

Sample Translations: How and Where to Get

sample translation text

Source image: Pexels

Usually, when we are applying for a translator position in an agency, we will be asked to take a short translation test or to provide sample translation from our previous works. But unfortunately, most of us are prohibited to expose any part of the text from our previous works because we are bounded by the signed NDA.

While some professional translators think that free translation test is not relevant anymore because it seems to be humiliating their professionalism and experiences, providing sample translations is considered to be a better solution. But, where do we get text for sample translation from? Read More