How to Handle EPS Files in CAT Tools

Last February, for almost 1 (one) month I took a part in a huge technical translation project that involving EPS files. EPS is one of the output files produced by Adobe Illustrator that cannot be directly processed in CAT tools such as SDL Trados. To process EPS files in SDL Trados, we will need a special plugin called “Sysfilter” that costs up to 400 USD!

Actually, I was positioned as an editor on that project. And the client’s main request to the translator team was to translate the EPS files directly in Adobe Illustrator. Unfortunately, none of the translators owned and were able to operate Adobe Illustrator. So, they would prefer to process the files in the CAT tool. Then, knowing that in the past I was learning graphic design and multimedia, the lead translator asked me to convert the EPS files into Trados-ready format.

So, what did I do so that Trados could recognize the EPS files without Sysfilter plugin? Read More

Menangani Berkas Adobe Illustrator Di CAT Tool

Selama hampir satu bulan penuh, pada bulan Februari lalu saya menangani proses penerjemahan dan revisi file EPS, di mana file EPS adalah file keluaran (output) aplikasi Adobe Illustrator yang tidak bisa secara langsung diolah di CAT tool. Agar bisa mengolah file EPS di CAT tool seperti SDL Trados, dibutuhkan plugin khusus bernama “Sysfilter” yang harganya sampai 300-an USD! Read More